How Do You Ensure That Your Excavator Tracks Last For A Long Time?

How long do your excavator tracks last? How much did you spend the last time when you were replacing your excavator tracks? Do your excavator tracks last long enough? New excavator tracks are usually a huge investment, and when you include the installation costs, the bill becomes very hefty for you. While you may be required to replace your excavator tracks at some point, you should ensure that the existing ones serve you adequately.


What Factors Affect The Longevity Of Excavator Tracks?

Excavator tracks have varying longevity that is determined by several factors, which are discussed below;


  • Application

The projects in which you will be using your tracked excavator is one factor that will determine how long your excavator tracks last. If you use your excavator on easy jobs, the excavator tracks will last longer, unlike when you handle very complex jobs with your excavator.


  • Worker ability

The other thing that affects how long your excavator tracks lasts is how you operate your excavator. If you are a cautious driver,  your excavator tracks will last very long, unlike when you are an aggressive driver. This is because driving aggressively causes long-term damage to your excavator tracks, which makes them last for a short time.


  • Working environment

The working environments you will be using your excavator tracks also determine how long they last. For instance, when working on abrasive surfaces, your tracks will degrade quickly, which means they will not last long. The terrain in which you will be driving your excavator tracks mainly affects the durability of your tracks depending on how much stress the rubber tracks experience during their performance.


  • Quality of excavator tracks

Excavator tracks are available in different qualities in the market today. Low-quality excavator tracks will only last for a while, unlike when you invest in excavator tracks made of premium quality materials.


  • Maintenance schedule

Your dedication to maintaining the tracks will determine the length of time your excavator tracks last. The more dedicated you are to routine maintenance, the longer these tracks last.


Tips To Make Your Excavator Tracks Last Long

If you want to make the best out of the excavator tracks you have in your excavator, consider the following tips;


  • Use the right tracks

One of the things that will increase the lifespan of your excavator tracks is applying the right tracks that will fit your excavator. When you have the wrong excavator tracks, they will experience premature wear on the rubber and gear. To avoid using the wrong excavator tracks, seek professional advice if you are still determining the size of excavator tracks to buy.

  • Inspect your tracks regularly

Inspecting your excavator tracks is another thing that can help you ensure that your tracks last for a long time. This is because, during the inspections, you can detect any leaking, missing and damaged components. This way, you can perform the necessary repairs before a long-term issue develops.


  • Maintaining the undercarriage

Undercarriage maintenance is a great way of ensuring that all the important components of your excavator tracks are well maintained. Therefore, consider inspecting the sprockets, sprocket teeth, rollers, idlers and other parts. If any of these components are faulty, worn out, cracked or broken, replace them immediately.


  • Be a good driver

How you drive your excavator rubber tracks from Bearcat will determine how long your tracks last. For this reason, if you have always been an aggressive driver, you should ensure that you practice driving properly. This way, you will prevent your excavator tracks from getting damaged, ensuring they last longer.








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